New Scott Adkins Action/Drama Avengement Coming in 2019

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Even as The Debt Collector is still hot in the DVD market on Amazon and Wal-Mart and the highly anticipated martial arts action movie, Triple Threat on the horizon, the dynamic trio of Scott Adkins, Jesse V. Johnson and Stu Small are by no means resting on their laurels. They are currently developing a new project for their audiences in the form of another action/drama movie titled Avengement and starring martial arts/action star, Scott Adkins. Continue reading “New Scott Adkins Action/Drama Avengement Coming in 2019”

Exclusive Interview: Silvio Simac Knights of the Damned

silviokntsThe world of action and martial arts has produced some truly legendary and talented actors over the years.  One of these actors is Silvio Simac, who has been working incredibly hard in the martial arts and action world. Even in the wake of digital effects and casting of well-known actors, with little or no martial arts experience in physically demanding roles becoming the norm in Hollywood, Silvio Simac has proven that he’s someone to watch out for. We here at Entertainment Zone, are pleased to have had a chance to interview Silvio Simac about his latest film, the sword and sorcery fantasy film Knights of the Damned, which is currently out on DVD from Vertical Entertainment.

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Movie Review: The Debt Collector- This Movie Does it Right on so Many Levels


If you want to see one of the best action/drama movies of 2018, then skip the big budget movies and go right to Amazon and order a DVD copy of The Debt Collector. This movie does it right on so many levels.

The Debt Collector, written by Jesse. V. Johnson (Savage Dog) and Stu Small (Accident Man) and directed by Jesse V. Johnson (Accident Man), is the kind of action/drama movie that rarely comes along these days. The kind that shines with great dynamics between the two male leads: Scott Adkins (Accident Man, Boyka: Undisputed) and Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) that harkens back to the days of gritty westerns and crime dramas where two men of diverse backgrounds find themselves working together in a shady job for a common reason: to make money. Continue reading “Movie Review: The Debt Collector- This Movie Does it Right on so Many Levels”