Exclusive Interview with Eric Jacobus of Blindsided: The Game


If you haven’t yet seen Blindsided: The Game, which is now streaming for free on Youtube, you are missing an excellent piece of martial arts action cinema to ever be offered for free.  Yes, you read it right, the producers, writers and studio that produced Blindsided: The Game are allowing audiences to see this action packed movie for free even thought it is well worth the price of a paid admission.

One of those producers and writer is Eric Jacobus, who also stars as the lead character, blind martial artist Walter Cooke.  We here at Entertainment Zone had a chance to do an exclusive interview with Jacobus about his multi-faceted role in Blindsided: The Game.

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Exclusive Interview: Silvio Simac Knights of the Damned

silviokntsThe world of action and martial arts has produced some truly legendary and talented actors over the years.  One of these actors is Silvio Simac, who has been working incredibly hard in the martial arts and action world. Even in the wake of digital effects and casting of well-known actors, with little or no martial arts experience in physically demanding roles becoming the norm in Hollywood, Silvio Simac has proven that he’s someone to watch out for. We here at Entertainment Zone, are pleased to have had a chance to interview Silvio Simac about his latest film, the sword and sorcery fantasy film Knights of the Damned, which is currently out on DVD from Vertical Entertainment.

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