Teaser Images for Equalizer 2


The Equalizer 2 opens in theaters on July 20th, 2018 as Denzel Washington returns to one of his signature roles in the first sequel of his career. Washington reprises his role as retired spy turned emissary of justice, Robert McCall  who serves that unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed – but how far will he go when that is someone he loves?equal2dw

I was a avid viewer of the 1985 series, The Equalizer starring Edward Woodward as the character of Robert McCall.  When the 2014 movie reboot of The Equalizer came out, I was hesitant to see it. However, I was not disappointed at all. The writers, producers, director and star Denzel Washington kept the same integrity and strength of character in Robert McCall as was to be found in the television series.

Now, it’s 2018 and on July 20th the sequel to the movie The Equalizer is going to be release into theaters. The Equalizer 2 going to be action packed and as intense as the first movie. It’s also going to be the first time both the star, Denzel Washington and the director Antoine Fuqua will be making a sequel to one of their movies.

The trailer for The Equalizer 2 gives the clear indication that this second movie will have more international locations and missions for McCall to take on and he travels to places like Turkey to rescue a young girl kidnapped from her American mother. With this change giving McCall more freedom to move around,  Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo are the only actors from the first movie who will appear in the sequel, reprising their characters of  Brian and Susan Plummer.


I am looking forward to what they come up with in The Equalizer 2 and where Robert McCall is in headspace now that he has decided to use is old skills again for hitting back for those who can’t do it for themselves.

Watch the trailer for The Equalizer 2

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