New Scott Adkins Action/Drama Avengement Coming in 2019

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Even as The Debt Collector is still hot in the DVD market on Amazon and Wal-Mart and the highly anticipated martial arts action movie, Triple Threat on the horizon, the dynamic trio of Scott Adkins, Jesse V. Johnson and Stu Small are by no means resting on their laurels. They are currently developing a new project for their audiences in the form of another action/drama movie titled Avengement and starring martial arts/action star, Scott Adkins.

Avengement is being written by Adkins long time pal, Stu Small, whose other writing credits include Accident Man (with Scott Adkins) and The Debt Collector (with Jesse V. Johnson) and script supervisor for Triple Threat. Jesse V. Johnson is on board as director and, together they are developing a movie that I’m pretty sure fans of Scott Adkins’ hard hitting action movies are going to be looking forward to seeing.

Right off the bat, let’s take a look at the graphic images in the teaser poster for Avengement, which I think has a lot to tell us about Adkins’ black leather jacket wearing, determined looking character. The images of him holding hardcore weapons as the background is filled with the bright hues and dark shadows of lethal destruction is giving the all out impression that this is not a man to be messed with and if you have crossed or betrayed him, you might as well dig your own grave.  The stark image of the skull graffiti on the wall behind Scott Adkins’ character seem to give a very big indication that this man is not afraid to bring death or face death on his path to vengeance. The poster carries the sense of excitement, drama and action, Avengement will have to offer.

From few written details gleaned, Avengement is described as a gangster film in which Scott Adkins, action star to keep your eye on, will be playing a character who isn’t out for money this time. Instead, he will be all out for lethal and bloody vengeance.  The character, a low level criminal, escapes from guards to go back to his old haunts to track down the people responsible for his quest for this unrelenting vengeance against them.

Other minimal details on Avengement tell us that the storyline plays out in an indirect fashion, most likely moving back and forth between past and present to give the audience a glimpse of how Adkins low level criminal character became such a cold hearted killer. It will use the kind of storytelling that will boldly throwback to cinematic forebears of gangster films such as GoodFellas, Pulp Fiction and Chopper.

We here at Entertainment Zone are excited to hear about this new movie in the works  and we eagerly await more details and casting news as Avengement moves closer to production. We will keep our readers updated as those details emerge.

One thing we do know for sure, the movie has a talented writer in Stu Small, a solid director in Jesse V. Johnson and one of the best actors and cinematic screen fighters in the movie industry today in Scott Adkins.

Bring it on!

Meanwhile check out our review of the latest release from this talented trio, The Debt Collector.

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